System of Administration

In 1995, Upper Siang was bifurcated from East Siang district with Yingkiong as its headquarters bordering Tibet (China) in the North, East Siang district in the South, Upper & Lower Dibang Valley districts in the East and West Siang district in the West.

Deputy Commissioner (DC) is the Administrative Head of the district who is aided by sub-ordinate level Administrative Officers like Addl. Deputy Commissioner (ADC), Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC), Circle Officer (CO), etc alongwith HODs (Head of Department) of various departments. The Administrative Units below the level of the district are based on the clusters of certain entities like circles, villages, households, etc.

DC Office, Yingkiong in Upper Siang District
DC Office, Yingkiong
SP Office, Yingkiong in Upper Siang District
SP Office, Yingkiong

A cluster of circles form a Sub-Division with Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) as the Administrative Head. However, some of the sub-divisions which have been upgraded to the status of ADC Headquarter with some additional or independent financial and establishment related powers are headed by ADCs.

A sub-division is further divided in terms of cluster of villages which form a Circle – the lowest Administrative Unit with CO as the Administrative Head.

Further, in order to better administer and implement the Rural Development (RD) schemes or programmes, the district is also divided into certain blocks called Community Development Blocks (CD-Blocks). These CD-Blocks are headed by Block Development Officers (BDOs).

Upper Siang Administration Morphology

1. Sub-Division Administration
Sub-Division Year of Establishment HQs Administrative Head Circles within the sub-division
Yingkiong 1950 Yingkiong DC Yingkiong, Jengging
Mariyang 1952 Mariyang SDO Mariyang, Geku, Katan, Mopom
Tuting 1953 Tuting ADC Tuting, Gelling, Singa, Palling, Migging

A total of 3 administrative sub-divisions. However, since Tuting sub-division has been upgraded to ADC Headquarter so is headed by ADC with assistance from a CO.

2. Circle Administration
Circle Year of Establishment HQs Administrative Head
Yingkiong 1950 Yingkiong CO
Jengging 1980 Jengging CO
Mariyang 1952 Mariyang CO
Geku 1982 Geku CO
Katan 1992 Katan CO
Mopom 2003 Mopom CO
Tuting 1953 Tuting CO
Gelling 1951 Gelling CO
Singa 1962 Singa CO
Palling 1990 Palling CO
Migging 1994 Migging CO

A total of 11 administrative circles. However, since Geku Circle has been upgraded to EAC Headquarter so is headed by EAC with assistance from a CO.

3. Community Development Blocks
CD-Block HQs Circles within the Block
Yingkiong Yingkiong Yingkiong, Jengging
Mariyang Mariyang Mariyang, Mopom
Tuting Tuting Tuting, Palling, Migging
Geku Geku Geku, Katan
Singa-Gelling Payindem Singa, Gelling

A total of 5 Community Development Blocks which are headed by BDOs.