Upper Siang District Police
Particulars Value
Geographical Area under its jurisdiction 6,590 (sq. kms)
Population (2011) 35,320 persons
Name of the Superintendent of Police Guriqbal Singh Sidhu, IPS
Phone Office (03777) 222348
Phone Residence (03777) 222204
Fax (0377) 222348
Mobile 9436058166
e-mail ID
Police Control Room (03777) 222860


Contact Directory
Designation Name Office Residence
Control Room 222860 / Fax-222860
Supdt.of Police Guriqbal Singh Sidhu, IPS 222348 / Fax-222348 222204 / M-9436058166
Dy.SP (HQ) Tapang Tatak, APPS 222447 M-943621990
Reserve Inspector (P) Inspr. Talem Taggu M-9436051478
OC-cum-CI(P) Inspr. M. Lego M-9436249871 222259
OC PS Ykg. SI Ange Miyu 222259 M-9402043357
I/C (SB) Ykg. ASI O. Melong 222054 M-9436058944
PC 2nd BN T. Samyor M-9436834155
OC(WT) ASI(T) M. Taipodia 222860(O/F) M-9402247194
MTO ASI(MT) D. Ette M-9436630868
I/C (FS) SFO K. Tama 222162 / 101 M-9402213877


Contact Detail of Fire Service, Yingkiong
Rank Name Office Phone Residence
I/C FS Yingkiong Shri Kago Tama, SFO 03777-222162 / 222682 / 101 M-7629827800