Formation of Upper Siang

The history of Upper Siang can be traced back to the time when Arunachal Pradesh remained as an independent area without any administrative control till the Anglo-Burmese War in 1826 – 61 and declared as a conquered territory by the British and came under non-regulated area between 1826 – 61.

The Arunachal also remained as a part of Bengal until a separate post of Chief Commissioner was created and scheduled district regulation was passed in 1874. The Arunachal acquired an identity when it was separated from Assam wth the name North – East Frontier Tract (NEFT) after the Govt. of India, Foreign & Political Department Notification of 1914. Consequently, the present area under Upper Siang became part of the Central Section of the NEFT under the Administrative Control of Political Officer.

In 1919, the Central Section along with the Eastern Section of the same tract was renamed as Sadiya Frontier Tract with its headquarters at Sadiya. In 1948, Sadiya Frontier Tract was bifurcated into two separate areas with Administrative Charges, namely Abor Hills District and Mishmi Hills District.

After India’s Independence, Arunachal was under Part-“B” of the 6th schedule of the Constitution as a part of Assam. The area futher bacame North – East Frontier Agency (NEFA) in 1951 and was reconstituted under NEFA (Administration) Regulation in 1954 and subsequently scheduled as part of Assam during 1950 – 65 wherein Abor Hills District was renamed as Siang Frontier Division.

In 1965, when the responsibility of NEFA Administration was transfered to the Ministry of Home Affairs (as per the recommendations of the Daying Ering Commission), the Siang Frontier Division was renamed as Siang District and Political Officer was re-designated as Deputy Commissioner with its headquarters at Along.

In 1967, Govt. of India passed the NEFA Panchayati Raj Regulation Act which accorded the Traditional Village Councils, the status of Gram Panchayat with the Agency Council at the Apex Level of the Panchayati Raj.

The NEFA became Union Territory in the name of Arunachal Pradesh on 20th January, 1972 and the Agency Council was replaced by Pradesh Council which was later converted to Legislative Assembly in 1975. Subsequently, Election to the 30 Members Legislative Assembly was held in 1978 for the first time.

In 1980, the Siang District was bifurcated into East Siang and West Siang districts. The present area of Upper Siang remained under East Siang district with its headquarters at Pasighat.

The Union Territory was granted a full-fledged statehood on 20th February, 1987 and the number of Members of Lagislative Assembly was increased to 60 from 30.

Finally, in 1994, Upper Siang was carved-out of East Siang district with its headquarters at Yingkiong.