Tourist Places

Yonchap Tso (Lake) at Riutala in Upper Siang District
Ekodumbing (Riutala)

Ekodumbing (Riutala) is under Simong territory. During the month of October and November the people of Simong arrive here in…

Foxtail orchard - The State Flower of Arunachal Pradesh
Mouling National Park

Mouling National Park was established in 1982 with an objective to create a favourable habitat for plants and animals. It…

Holding place at Gelling Village

Gelling is the last Circle HQ, which is attached to the International Boundary of China. The famous MacMohan Line touches…

Terraced paddy fields near Mariyang in Upper Siang District
Mariyang – Pekimodi

Mariyang is the homeland of Padam, Pasi and Millang communities located at 52 KMs from the district headquarters, Yingkiong. It…