Ekodumbing (Riutala)

Ekodumbing (Riutala) is under Simong territory. During the month of October and November the people of Simong arrive here in group to collect EMO (Aconite), which is used for hunting. Many rare species of animals like Takins, Muskdeer (Sikung), birds like PEDE, TANE, SIKO (all local names) can be seen here, medicinal plants like NYODO (Coptis tita), TALAP (a type of wild garlic), etc. are found here. Now a days the place has acquired religious importance for the Buddhists. They call Eko Dumbing as Riutala and regard it as a paradise of AWALOKESHWARA, which means the paradise of CHENRISI, the Dalai Lama. It is three days foot march via Simong village and 6 days via Tuting – Tashigaon and Singha. The Buddhists Pilgrims from far flung areas arrive here in the month of August and September to offer their prayers. Riutala is a hill which is interspersed by many lakes. From this river Sipit, Yammeng, Simong Patang, Tangam Patang have originated. Around this place there are many caves which give shelter to pilgrims. The scenic beauty of Eko-Dumbing is breathtaking.

Photo Gallery

  • Yonchap Tso (Lake) at Riutala in Upper Siang District
    Yonchap Tso (Lake) at Riutala
  • Titapuri Lake at Tuting in Upper Siang District
    Titapuri Lake at Tuting
  • Chortem at Kepangla Pass in Upper Siang district
    Chortem at Kepangla Pass

How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest Airport is Pasighat Airport

By Train

Nearest Railway Station is Murkiongselek Railway Station

By Road

Guwahati to Pasighat to Yingkiong to Ekodumbing (Riutala) by Road